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How old do you have to be to ride & does BMX require any special skill?

Our youngest riders at Pearland BMX bike park start around 3 years of age and our “most vintage” rider is 50+ years young – so age is not really an issue. If you can ride a bicycle with little assistance and without training wheels – YOU CAN BMX!


Every new rider starts at the Novice (beginner) level and advances at his/her own pace. Some riders are really good at BMX the very first time on the track. Other riders need lots of practice. Check out the New Rider page for more.

Some of our more seasoned riders, as well as local BMX Pros, offer one-on-one training sessions for a nominal fee. Let us know if you are interested and we can get you in touch with the right folks. For more details see our page on Coaching & Lessons


If you have questions...

Please contact us, or better yet …


We invite you to grab your bike or visit a "bike store near me"  and come on out for some of best in sports and recreation Pearland has to offer in kid sports. There is never an admission fee for spectators. While you’re there, we’d be glad to answer your questions and provide brochures with helpful information about BMXing!



Little Rider on a Strider balance bike | Pearland BMX
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